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True to its claim as a primary healthcare provider in Mindanao, Davao Doctors Hospital has partnered with cutting-edge technology and education to further improve its patient care by providing safe and excellent services.

On September 22, the hospital gave media professionals a tour of its brand new state-of-the-art operating theater, which costs several hundred million pesos. And that does not include the equipment and machines found inside the operating room.

The complex is equipped with a laminar flow system that minimizes or controls the entry of particles into the room, which in turn also minimizes the acquisition of infection for newly operated patients. Upon entering each operating room, staff must also go through the air shower room to remove remaining particles such as dust from their bodies to ensure patient safety.

Additionally, the hospital offers innovative options for surgeons, as well as their patients, to treat spinal conditions through its minimally invasive spine surgery. The process treats conditions of the spine with a reduced risk of surgical complications. This process is just an addition to the other minimally invasive surgeries that the hospital also offers.

The hospital sees the need to offer such a procedure as they observe that patients needing this procedure would travel to Manila or the Visayas to experience an advanced treatment procedure.

“Actually, these aren’t really new procedures (minimally invasive surgeries) for us like we’ve been doing, having been offering these procedures all these years. It’s just that we have better infrastructure and better equipment to be on par with other countries, especially South East Asia, not just Manila only, ”explained Dr Ronald Tangente.

And true to their words, the hospital is also bragging about its newly acquired Olympus ENDOALPHA, the latest video control and management solution that helps surgeons see the procedures they are performing more clearly. Apart from this, the equipment is able to manage, integrate and share a large amount of data, both inside and outside the operating room (OR). This allows other doctors outside the operating room to see the procedures as well.

DDH is one of only three hospitals in the Philippines to acquire such equipment, which also costs several hundred million pesos.

Apart from this, the hospital sends its medical interns to other countries to continue their education so that upon their return home, they can share their newly acquired knowledge regarding modern treatments with their colleagues.

These are just a few of the innovations and steps taken by the hospital to provide the best service it can offer to its patients.

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