SPARC Research Wins Navy Contract for High Speed ​​Missile Technology Development

The Solid Fuel Ramjet (SFRJ) is a promising high-speed ramjet propulsion system with many tactical advantages. It has been in development for years but has yet to be implemented into an operational weapon system. The MISTR program has been structured to examine barriers to the adoption of the SFRJ and to develop a structured science and technology program aimed at raising readiness. The ultimate goal is to make SFRJ a viable option for advanced combat capability.

The SPARC research team represents decades of experience in high speed propulsion and is uniquely qualified to lead this effort for the Navy. According to the president of SPARC Research, Dr. Patrick hewitt, “The MISTR program is timely to meet the emerging needs for long-range supersonic and hypersonic missile propulsion for the combatant. Almost everywhere, user needs seek to increase the range and speed of missiles, and the SFRJ is one of the more attractive propulsion systems. options available – if a number of technological challenges can be met. “

The MISTR program will benefit from a large database of previous research activities of the SFRJ. This history will be supplemented by additional tasks under the contract if necessary to allow SFRJ to compete favorably for future propulsion needs.

About SPARC Research:

SPARC Research was founded to advance the state of the art in rocket and air breathing technology development, preliminary design and demonstration of prototypes using modern multiphysics modeling tools. For more information, visit or contact: SPARC Research, 1 (540) 351-5121, [email protected].


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