10-year visa to attract engineers and computer experts and stimulate technological development

The 10-year visa program for wealthy foreigners and highly skilled professionals is expected to attract engineers and IT experts, potentially boosting tech development in Thailand as the country anticipates a shortage of digital labor over the next few years. coming years.

The long-stay visa program was approved in principle by Thailand’s Cabinet last month, targeting foreign investors, highly skilled professionals and wealthy retirees in a bid to boost the economy. Federation of Thai Industries president Supant Mongkolsuthree told the Bangkok Post that engineers and IT experts should be given priority when applying for the new long-stay visa regime.

“Engineers and IT experts, as well as other skilled professionals and wealthy individuals, should be given priority for visas. We believe they can help support the Thai economy.

According to Sam Tanskul, managing director of Krungsri Finnovate under the Bank of Ayudhya.

The rate of around 10,000 tech graduates each year is not enough to meet the growing demand for the digital workforce, he adds. The increase in the number of people in the tech workforce is also seen as a benefit for local startups.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post

Ruby A. Robillard