Global demand for technical talent turns Mexico into a hub for advanced technology development

MEXICO CITY & SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – NDS Cognitive Labs, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions serving the United States, Latin America and Europe, today announced that NDS Technical Talent is now available to businesses worldwide whole.

As the largest community of technologists in Latin America, NDS Technical Talent includes 20,000 professionals trained in global standards for software development, AI, cloud, and digital transformation solutions. With 200% growth in implementations year-over-year, NDS Technical Talent includes regular certification and training for community members, in partnership with US and Mexican academic institutions and leading global companies. .

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Social, technological and economic factors contribute to the explosion of innovation and technological development in Mexico:

  • 76% of tech companies are in Mexico

  • Mexico is home to four of the best technical universities in the world

  • Mexico’s technical workforce grows to three times the global average

  • 20% of all graduates have a computer science degree

  • Mexico ranks # 1 for ease of doing business in Latin America

  • Mexico is a leader in Latin America for innovation in mobility

“For more than a decade, we have focused on implementing sophisticated technologies for tech giants in Mexico like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Intel,” said Gustavo Parés, CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs and President of the World Association for Information Technology Management. “We are proud to announce today that NDS Technical Talent, with 20,000 highly skilled technologists, is available to meet the talent shortages of well-funded start-ups, mid-size companies and enterprises around the world.

The strengths of the NDS Technical Talent offer include:

  • Experienced technology professionals tested and trained to global standards

  • Continuous training in AI, cloud and digital transformation solutions

  • Superior English language skills

  • Nearshoring: proximity to the United States, North and South America

  • The best talents from internationally recognized Mexican technological universities

  • Three flexible ways to get involved:

    • Managed teams – a dedicated team that reports to the client

    • Staff increase – hourly or part-time support

    • Project-based development – end-to-end delivery of customized technology solutions

About NDS Cognitive Labs

NDS Cognitive Labs drives technology growth and innovation around the world through NDS Technical Talent, its exclusive community of 20,000 professionals trained to global standards. Co-located in Mexico, United States and Europe, NDS Cognitive Labs provides outreach services in North America, South America, Europe and India, and leads the implementation of conversational AI solutions , ML, and cloud for global finance, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality organizations.

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