Morf3D Announces Technology Development Partnership with Siemens Advanta

Specialist in metal additive manufacturing (AM) Morf3D announced an ongoing technology development partnership with Siemens Advanta.

The company, which is a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, says the partnership with the IoT solutions consulting and integration arm of Siemens will support the development of its new 90,000 square foot Applied Digital Manufacturing Center (ADMC) in Long Beach, California.

“Siemens Advanta is proud to contribute to the forward-thinking innovation that is transforming the additive manufacturing industry,” said Rani Shea, CEO of Siemens Advanta, North America. “Working with Morf3D and its new ADMC, we look forward to helping optimize additive manufacturing capabilities for the aerospace industry.”

As part of the inaugural Siemens Advanta project, the consultancy will deploy design and simulation software from Siemens Digital Industries to ADMC to produce a scaling plan and bottleneck analysis, and explore new manufacturing and logistics concepts. The work should also transition to other ongoing software innovations and on-site staff support.

“We are constantly thinking about how to move our industry forward and this partnership with Siemens Advanta gives us a great sense of optimism for the future,” said Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D Inc. “Morf3D is growing rapidly. wanted to ensure that our factory was flexible and that we had a team that could understand the challenges we might face, not only today, but also in the future.”

Morf3D first announced plans for its ADMC in April 2021 and says it has ambitions to grow the facility into “one of the largest integrators of aerospace additive manufacturing solutions in the United States.” The site will feature a range of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as SLM Solutions’ NXG XII 600 12-laser metal AM system, as the company is already a “Preferred Partner” of Siemens AM and has adopted its Xcelerator software.

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Ruby A. Robillard