Rome Lab Secures $293 Million in Federal Funding for Quantum Technology Development | Focus Economy

The Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, also known as Rome Lab, is receiving more than $293 million to support the ongoing development of quantum technology.

There are specific allocations for certain funding, including:

  • $25 million to help develop an advanced quantum photonic system to develop and manufacture chips for quantum supercomputers
  • $10 million for the ‘quantum computing test bed’ at the Innovare Advancement Center
  • $200,000 to test unmanned aerial systems at the SkyDome

Sen. Chuck Schumer, who helped secure the funding with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, says it will help the United States compete with China in quantum and other technologies.

“Rome Lab has once again shown that in the race for quantum computing innovation, they are leading the pack and this huge federal funding will accelerate their cutting-edge technology and further cement upstate New York in as the home of America’s future in security technology,” said Senator Schumer. “The Rome Lab and its workforce here in the Mohawk Valley are on the front lines defending and strengthening our nation’s cyber defense. Now more than ever, this massive injection of funding will ensure that the lab’s world-class innovators and scientists have the resources they need to ensure our country stays ahead of our international competitors – including the China – on these virtual battlefields.

Rome Lab was designated a Quantum Information Science Research Center for the US Air Force and US Space Force in 2021, and continues to develop information technologies for air, space and ground systems used by federal agencies, universities, private industries and state governments.

The new Innovare Advancement Center also focuses on the development of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum technology to help increase national security and compete with other world leaders in these fields.

Ruby A. Robillard